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CNC piston filling machine LYD5000-6H

Production: 1L-4L packaging 1000-1400 bottles / hour (specific yield depends on the filling volume, fluidity of the filling material and foam condition).

<1> Configuration: France Schneider service motor and control system, Schneider smart touch screen, Schneider low-voltage control, Japan Omron electric eye, Taiwan Yade passenger pneumatic components.

<2>Characteristics: 1L-4L bottled special filling machine for lubricating oil, single-row 6-head filling at the same time, double-ball screw Schneider CNC system drive, with the advantages of fast filling speed, high filling precision and more stable operation.

The piston cylinder is installed with a quick connector, which is convenient and quick to replace the piston seal. The anti-drip and anti-drawing filling nozzle ensures that the oil does not draw water and drip.

The whole machine is equipped with a cleaning function, and a special cleaning tank is provided at random, which makes it more time-saving to change products. Schneider microcomputer PLC control, Schneider intelligent touch screen, change specifications, filling volume adjustment, parameter setting, automatic cleaning, manual operation, etc. are evenly completed on the touch screen.

The self-developed floating ball optoelectronic feeding system not only ensures the automatic feeding function in the filling process, but also solves the problem of frequent feeding errors in the filling machine industry.

Our original one-button piston automatic de-cylinder function, this technology has far surpassed similar products in the same industry, allowing users to replace materials, replace seals and other simpler experience.

Photoelectric sensing and pneumatic door control, lack of bottles, inverted bottles are automatically protected.


<2> Main technical parameters:
Filling range :1000mL-5000mL
Filling accuracy : ±5g (4L)
Gas working pressure : 0.6-0.8Mpa
Gas consumption : 300L/min
Motor power : 1KW
Power supply voltage :380V/220V 50/60Hz
Machine Size :2000mm X1270mm X 24500mm




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